Agapolis Personal Responsibility Commitments

One of our core values is Personal Responsibility. For all events, we ask for your full participation in creating a great vibe of presence, peace, creativity, connection, and fun.  That means, by attending events at Agapolis, you agree to:

be responsible for yourself

We invite those we adore and trust. Alcohol and other substances are not provided. If you're going to bring your own anything, please use responsibly, and respect others' choices not to partake

Leave no trace

Please show our home (and planet) some love and pick up any matter out of place that you find, whether or not it’s yours. Dispose of refuse in the correct bins and lend a hand in clean-up as you feel called.

Practice conscious consent


This is not a sexually-oriented event.  There may be people snuggling, but this is not even a snuggle party. It is 100% each person’s own choice as to if they would like to touch or be close to another.

Should you want to connect with someone physically, you must receive “Hell Yeah” consent from all parties involved. That means going beyond consent ("may I...?" "ok.") to explicit enthusiasm ("would you like to...?" "hell yeah!"). “No, thank you” is always celebrated. If you are at all unsure, the answer is “no.” It happens often that the vibe changes and someone's enthusiasm wanes: pay attention to that and take responsibility, even when it's most difficult to do so.

There are some areas of our property where clothing is optional, such as the swimming pool and hot tub areas. Obviously, no one is required to partake in nudity at any time, and a person's dress should never be taken as any kind of sexual invitation.

respect your body and others

Stay in the designated areas on our property. We are new to this neighborhood and still building trust and good relations with our neighbors.

Respect our

Out of respect for both our neighbors and and people enjoying the tranquility of nature.  After 10 PM, please use quiet voices outside.

Be mindful
of noise

To cultivate a space in which we can freely share ideas and ways of being, do not share photos or stories without explicit consent.

no photos

explicit consent

Please treat this home with love as well and help us to uplift and co-create this space!

Love our home
like we do!

Thank you for joining us for celebrating our place on this planet and our connection with each other.  To stay in touch with us about future ways to get involved or to share your inspirations for how to contribute to our mission, sign up for our newsletter.